I prayed for this

Prayed for 11 times.

Deborah Connor

Hello Family,

I am writing to humbly ask you all for prayers. I’m currently signed up to go with the community service brigade to El Salvador in October. Last week, my mom called and told me that on her most recent MRI, they found another brain tumor. She’s been living with one for the past 11 years that sits on her pituitary gland and mostly causes problems by messing with her internal thermostat (she\’s hot ALL of the time), but they’ve been monitoring it because it\’s pressing on her optic nerve, which is how this one was spotted. This new one, like the first, is NOT cancer and not genetic. It is unrelated to the first as far as anyone can tell, and it’s a different kind of tumor. This new one is sitting on her auditory nerve on the right side and has caused her to lose most of her hearing on the right side, something she has just been crediting to aging.

I am going home (Florida) on August 10th to go with her to her appointment to see the specialist on the 12th. He will most likely (90%) recommend surgery, at which point we will schedule it. The timing of her surgery and her expected recovery period will determine when I will actually return to LA, or if I return for a short time and then go back to Florida for her surgery.

In addition to my mom’s issues, my dad has had chronic health problems for the past 15 years (he\’s now mostly wheelchair bound and has doctors’ appointments at least 2-3 days a week). So there will need to be someone with them for the entirety of her recovery until she is fully capable of driving them both around again.

I work 2 different jobs as an independent contractor, meaning I don’t get vacation or sick days, or benefits of any kind. Luckily, my bosses at both jobs are incredibly kind, understanding women who wish me the best and will expect me back when things are resolved and I\’m back in town.

I am not the only one available to take care of my parents, my mother’s father is available for part of the time, and ideally, if it comes to that he and his wife will be able to take over while I go to El Salvador if that timing becomes necessary.

So what I need are prayers for my mom\’s health particularly, but also for my dad’s health and wellbeing, for my own sanity and trust in God, for the timing and financial aspects of everything, for my grandparents and the trip to El Salvador.

Thank you,

Deborah Connor

For the Curious and/or Medically Inclined:

The Original Tumor: http://pituitary.ucla.edu/pituitary-adenomas

The New Tumor: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/acoustic-neuroma/basics/definition/con-20023851

Received: August 2, 2016

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