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Bucky Wong

Hi Church,

I am requesting prayers for my brother-in-law: Fee Wong, he has liver cancer and had his 1st chemo treatment 2 weeks ago. Since his treatment he is having serious complications : blood loss , pneumonia, and heart irregularities.

I am praying that God will stabilize his health first so he doesn't need to be in the hospital ICU. And that my brother-in-law sees Gods grace and mercy first hand.

Thank You

Bucky Wong

Received: October 1, 2014

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Chadd Stoops

Hey prayer-full people!

Thank you so much for your time to pray.

My Grandfather died last Sunday and on the 18th of October I'll be out in Florida celebrating his life with my family.

We have a small family (now even smaller). But the tragic part about this death is the bitterness and lack of forgiveness that has been going on within our family. Making our already small family nearly invisible to see with naked eye.

If you could please pray God would help begin to restore my family through genuine forgiveness and love in the wake of my Grandfathers death, that would be truly wonderful.

Thank you for any thought or prayer.

God Bless you all,



Received: September 29, 2014

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Nick Black

I would like to ask for your prayers about the Northern California forest fires. My dad lives in Placerville, which is severely threatened by a forest fire that's been rampant for the past few days.

As of this morning, more than 8900 acres have been burned, and the fire is less than 20% contained. This is 3 miles away from my dad's house. We are praying for the safety of those who live up there, for protection of my dad's home and for the fire not to cross the highway, thus causing a more imminent threat to the residents there.

I appreciate any prayers you would offer on their behalf. Thank you so much,

Nick Black

Received: September 17, 2014

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Elon Henderson

Hi church! I would really appreciate it if you prayed for my friend’s family over at our sister church.

Her parent’s relationship is very rocky right now and is starting to lead to a divorce. Prayerfully this won’t happen. However if you guys could pray for their hearts to be softened, ears to be opened and for God to lead them back to a functioning family again that would mean a lot.

Received: September 3, 2014

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Macchi Smith

Can you pray for my grandma, she has been in the hospital for about two weeks now. She is having issues with her kidneys and pancreas. Please pray for a full recovery!

Received: August 31, 2014

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alex arellano

I am currently unemployed and looking for work. My wife works part time. But, it is not cutting it. I would like prayers that i may find something or my wifes hours will increase. Thank you and God bless.

Received: August 27, 2014

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jackie arellano

I currently have gastritis. I am going to have an endoscopy done on August 28. I am prayong that it is nothing serious.

Received: August 17, 2014

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Sido Holland

Please pray for my husband's brother PJ and his family. He is trying to get stationed here as a recruiter so they can move closer to us and go to our church. He was hit with an ied in 2008 while in Iraq so he is waiting to get a medical clearance so he can submit his paperwork. We are praying that GOD willing everything goes through and he can get stationed at the recruiting office in Burbank.

Thank you!!

Received: August 15, 2014

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Michelle Parrish

Please pray for my stepdad who went in for a test for all the pain he's been feeling on his back and bones. They haven't diagnosed him yet but they believe it may be cancer. I'm praying for a miracle! His only daughter is 10 years old and my prayer is that he will be with her until her wedding day.

Received: August 6, 2014

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Recently all of my friends have abandoned me, and I've been having feelings of loneliness and depression. I just ask that you pray that I find encouragement in the Lord despite my circumstances, and that he gives me the strength to overcome the current obstacles in my life.

Received: August 3, 2014

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